Lambretta Cucina Italiana, Nedlands

Every city has its gems, those restaurants tucked away where you can sip on a glass of wine for just a couple of dollars, chomp through a large bowl of freshly cooked food, stopping only because your pants will burst if you don’t. Lambretta Cucina Italiana, located on Hampden Rd in Nedlands, is such a place. Tucked narrowly between other buildings, it’s not hard to miss it. But once found, you’re in for a treat.


Mulled wine $4.50, House wine $3.90, Mad Fish red wine $6


Salsiccia $9.90

We began with a small serving of Salsiccia, which included wood fired sausage, olives, and feta. Knowing that I was ordering a pasta, I generally wouldn’t have ordered an entree (or antipasti as it’s called here), but the serving was comfortable enough to share with my kiwi, and still have room for my main. Fresh and delectable, it was a worthy start to the evening.

6a0105369a9fca970c017ee4ee0f70970dDiavola-Boom!!! Pizza $18.90

As tasty as this pizza was, with its fresh Italian sausage, chilli, and cheese, I’m pretty certain my kiwi ordered it just for its name. Yes, Diavola-Boom!!! with all three exclamation marks. With his love of chilli and all things hot, it was no surprise.

His favourite part, however, was the tomato sauce, with its taste like fresh tomatoes had been peeled and reduced into a fresh sauce. And let’s not forget the wood fired oven in the kitchen out in the back that made the crust wonderfully crisp. As for the size, there was more than enough to take home for lunch the next day.

Meanwhile, I tucked into a huge bowl of Linguine Marinara. The bowl was filled with fish, shrimp, and my favourite, baby octopus. I get excited when I see baby octopus in my marinara, so when a rare occurrence of a generous serving is presented, I’m ecstatic.

6a0105369a9fca970c017ee4ee0f7e970dlinguine marinara $21

 The service was warm and friendly, with both the waitress and the manager being sociable without being too in your face. There’s a fine line, and they got it right.


Since good, very good, etc can cover be a huge range, I’m borrowing Mr. Broadfield’s scorecard and throwing in my own words here out.


1-8: Cringe worthy

9-11: Iffy

12-13: On its way

14: Pretty good

15-16: Very good

17: Impressive

18-19: Magnificent

20: The crème de la crème

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