88 Noodle Bar, Burswood

I’m always wary of wok/ noodle places. As much as I love them, the food usually doesn’t agree with my stomach. Fortunately, at 88 Noodle Bar, I’ve found an exception.


Pad Thai $19.80

Having gone for a lunch, the place was much quieter, so service was prompt as expected. The staff are friendly and polite, and even though the staff member serving us was still learning, everything was done without any mistakes.

Stir fried prawn with spring onion in black pepper sauce. Served with rice $24.80

Personally having had the sweet and sour pork for ~$13, I couldn’t have been more pleased. The pork had fresh meat with minimal fattiness, it was cooked with fresh veggies and servings are generous. Of course, if you’re expecting to compare it to Yú, you’ll be disappointed. Which you really shouldn’t be comparing in the first place, with one being a noodle bar and the other being Cantonese fine dining.

To top it off, Club Burswood members get 10% off the meal. Any discount in my eyes is good. Overall a great meal for a comfortable price, and better yet, a dish that I can eat without worry!


Sweet & Sour Pork $13.90

 * 88 Noodle Bar is an 18+ venue.

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