Hippo Creek Meat and Wine, Subiaco

Sometimes when visiting restaurants, I get so involved with eating, I completely forget to take notes. After a sip of wine here and a fully belly there, an hour later, all those words I was thinking when I sunk my teeth into the meal, are poof! gone. It’s rare that I forget to jot as I eat, but it happens, and as it is, it’s usually the better restaurants where this happens. It’s the restaurants that choose a cuisine, stick with it and perfect their dishes. Hippo Creek proved to be one such restaurant.


Half Dozen African Kilpatrick Oysters

First up were oysters. My kiwi won’t touch Kilpatrick Oysters (too many bad experiences) so Hippo Creek was kind enough to serve him a mini bread loaf and oil (having used a Groupon voucher for this visit, the menu was pretty much set). Meanwhile I happily slurped back the oysters, which seemed to be mixed with cheese (parmesan possibly?), meat (biltong) and a tomatoey sauce.

6a0105369a9fca970c017ee4ee0f5c970dAssegai $35

At Hippo Creek, ‘it’s all about the meat’.  The Assegai consists of four large chunks of marinated Angus rump hung over a bowl of fries, while a small dish at the top of the skewer slowly drips peri peri butter down the steak and onto the fries, blending the flavours.


Surf and Turf $40

I’ve always wrinkled my nose at surf and turf dishes. It’s usually associated with a slab of meat with terribly cheap quality squid covered in breadcrumbs with a handful of soggy chips. Gag.

But here at Hippo Creek, surf and turf is appealing. It means a perfectly cooked, in my case, medium rare, high quality 250g of Angus sirloin. It was tender with intense meaty flavours, which, as it turns out, are signs of a well aged meat.

The meat was topped with a circle of butter and a skewer of prawns and a baby octopus, which were surprisingly cold. Even more surprisingly, I enjoyed it immensely, as normally I like my seafood hot. The dish was finished off with a serving of green beans, cooked but not soggy with that slight crispness still intact, and what tasted like a rectangle of root mash.


Ice Cream with Mars Bars Sauce $8

To finish off we had a bowl of ice cream, drizzled in this decedent mars bar sauce. A perfect finish to a perfect meal.

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