Etro Cafe, Perth

 A Sunday shopping trip into the city, had us ducking into Etro Cafe to refuel before hitting more shops. While it wasn’t busy, it had a couple customers in, so we figured it would be worth a shot.


Flat Hat Omelette- ham, cheese, tomatoes and chives ($17)

 Unfortunately this place is too below average to be enjoyed. Kate went further by describing her omelette as having a nauseating flavour. She ended up leaving most of it and eating the bacon on my plate which was accidentally overcooked (this is different from being crispy). Even then she said it was better than trying to eat the omelette, which she had originally been craving. I wasn’t about to try it and just took her word for it (she’s not a picky eater). One $17 omelette down the drain. Her coffee, a skinny flat white, was average enough to drink though.


Etro Eggs on Sourdough ($12.50) with a side serving of bacon (+$4)

 My experience was the other way round, a Vienna with more cream (3/4 of the cup) than coffee (1/4 cup). I’d never drunk a Vienna with a straw, with which it was served, but you needed it just to reach the coffee. I love cream but not only was it way too much, but the coffee was revolting enough that I couldn’t finish it. I ordered the eggs with toast, sunny side up. Fortunately it’s pretty hard to get basic eggs and toast wrong, so I was able to enjoy my breakfast. But if you walk past and contemplate going in? I’d recommend you keep on walking, unfortunately it’s just not worth it.


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