Chez Jean Claude Patisserie, Subiaco

For me, Jean Claude brings up images in my mind of croissants baking in the oven, their smells wafting through the room. While they have a wide range of other baked goods, baking their frozen croissants on the morning of holidays has become a tradition in our family.


Gingerbread Man $4.10

For special dinners, it’s their baguette with its crackling crust, while its crumb (to us, known as the soft inside) is cloud like. It’s a wonderful feeling coming out of the store with a freshly baked bread stick, that had to be double wrapped since, being just being out of the oven, it’s too hot to touch. You don’t want to let go, the warm comforting feeling seeping into your hands. And you breathe deeply in the car as the freshly baked smell permeates the inside as you drive home.

I’m inserting photos from my last stop in when I grabbed a mini baguette sandwich and gingerbread man, but the reality is, Jean Claude isn’t a place you visit once to write a review about. It’s one of those places that you continuously visit, making your way through their range of mini baguette sandwiches, pastries, and beautiful loaves of bread.

6a0105369a9fca970c017c334a3c3c970bLa Parisienne; Herb Cheese and Cucumber $6.40

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