Avenue Cafe, Dalkeith

Why is it that the places closest to you are sometimes the ones you’ve never visited? I’ve eaten from Joondalup to Mandurah (and beyond, I’m sure), but never the ones in my area. Avenue Cafe is located right next to IGA in Dalkeith, and I’ve never ever stepped foot in that cafe (from memory, it may have changed over the years?) The other week I finally decided it was high time I changed that.

It’s been recently updated so it’s interior has a nice open modern feel, with graphic black and white text on one feature wall. With a busy afternoon ahead of me, I went for the steak burger. I can happily say they used good quality meat, nicely cooked, with no tough bits, melting cheese between a New Norcia bun (yum!), with lettuce and sauce. Meanwhile on the side, a hefty serving of hot chips was drizzled with a sauce, possibly barbecue. While I was only able to finish half of it, if you’ve got an appetite,¬†for $19 you certainly get one heck of a meal.


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