Sonnys Cafe, Subiaco

You’ll may or may not have visited Sonny’s Cafe, but if you’ve walked up Rokeby Road, you’re sure to have peered in and gazed longingly at their amazing array of desserts presented at the front. This time Jess and I decided to take it a step further, and actually try those scrumptious cakes.

They taste as good as they look.


Lemon Meringue Tart $5.5

It took us a while to actually decide. There was raspberry rhubarb pie, chocolate marshmallow cake and cannoli, among many others. But finally we settled on a lemon meringue tart and chocolate fudge mudcake. The meringue was piled high and softly melted in your mouth, with generous amounts of lemon filling (and the crust was just as good). The mudcake was moist with mouthwatering ganache.


Chocolate Fudge Mudcake $7

For coffee, I took the plunge and tried a white Vienna. Normally I’m very picky with my coffee and so will only order teas or chai lattes when I’m out. But before I came I was told by my kiwi that this was, in his opinion, the best coffee in Perth. And for good reason. Meanwhile, Jess ordered my usual choice, chai latte, which turned out the way a chai latte should be.

6a0105369a9fca970c017c334a3c00970bWhite Vienna $4.50

The actual store layout is nice and open with a beautifully large crystal ball chandelier overhead. On one side a long comfy bench seat runs the length of the cafe, parallel to the cafes counter. Behind the counter, bottles of soft drink are displayed, as are bags of coffee. Fortunately this is one cafe whose gorgeous presentation matches the quality of food and drink they serve. A definite cafe to come back to.

6a0105369a9fca970c017c334a3c1a970b Chai Latte $4

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  1. Megan says

    I have an inability to go past a lemon meringue or carrot cake, these aren’t my favourites per se, but even bad ones arent bad.

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