Red Spoon, Fremantle

The stop into Red Spoon was a brief one to use a voucher for one litre of frozen yogurt. This place grabs your attention as it comes into view, with it’s very open shop feel, it’s vibrant red and white colour scheme and doughnut lighting. My favourite was the faux grass inside– it gave me the feel of walking into something Willy Wonka like.

Here I picked up a litre of Lemon Cheesecake. Really good, with a strong lemony smell, but a smooth creamy cheesecake taste, it was gone within 24 hours. But without the voucher I had, it’s $12. As much as I love frozen desserts, I don’t even like it when Connoisseur ice cream is $8-9, so $12 for frozen yogurt? Eeep! I might stop in for a small treat occasionally, but this won’t be my weekly “frozen dessert waiting in the freezer” choice.

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