Indiana Teahouse, Cottesloe

While my kiwi’s sister was over visiting, we stopped through for dessert at Indiana in Cottesloe. I’d been here once when I was young, but since then I can happily say it seems to have lost its stuffiness. With it’s beachhouse feel, it still has elegance, but you feel comfortable settling down for the spectacular sunset views.


Honeycomb and Saffron Crème Brûlèe with Biscotti, Strawberry and Cream $14

I ordered the crème brûlèe (which I believe from memory, the menu stated had honeycomb and saffron). This was my first time experiencing crème brûlèe, and it quickly convinced me, with it’s light crispy top, and the creaminess that melted in my mouth, that I need a chef’s torch to make my own. I’m hooked. We’ll ignore the biscotti next to it though, as it tasted stale, like a biscotti box from the grocery store had been left open all day, before being served.

Indiana also has several varieties of gelatos, so my kiwi’s sister ordered strawberry and green apple ($11). Considering the green apple had little bits of the apple skin mixed in, we’re assuming this was homemade and fresh.

Meanwhile, my kiwi ordered the apple tart tatin. I never found out how it was, but judging by the silence and the swiftness at which it was downed, I’m going to take a guess and say it was good.


Apple tart tatin $14

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  1. Megan says

    Glad to see a good review of the Indiana.
    I remember about 10 years ago going for a work lunch and having the best sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce of my life! however i havent been for -ages- and apparently they dont serve tea? and Rob Broadfield gave them an absolutely hideous review and i wanted to try it to spite him and hope that they had rectified any issues.

  2. Bryt says

    Yeah, I’ve heard mixed reviews of the place. Mostly that the location was nice but they were relying solely on location rather than try to provide good service and food. Fortunately the staff were really friendly, no stuffiness, and I loved that creme brulee! I think they did serve tea, but had limited choices… I wasn’t paying too much attention though, I was riveted to the desserts list!

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