Gourmet on Wray, Fremantle


Magic Mushroom Burger $14 with Chips $4

You rarely find me down in Freo– I love driving too much and trying to find parking (when you don’t know where anything is) is always a struggle. Which is probably why it took me twice around the block to find this place. But second time round, hallelujah, right there in front of Gourmet on Wray, a parking spot. And a one hour no-pay one at that. My lunch was looking good so far!

Gourmet on Wray is a no ruffles burger joint with that laidback ‘Freo’ feel. A couple seats and tables outside and inside, this place isn’t trying to sway you with luxe lighting or fluffy chairs. They’re here to give you a darn good burger, and that’s what you get.

I ordered the Magic Mushrooms burger, complete with 200 grams of beef patty (mixed with spices), stuffed full of sautéed ‘mushies’, as they call them, brie, spinach and lime aioli, and an order of ‘yummy hot chips’.

Sound like a lot? It is. I was only able to get through half of everything, if that.

I hadn’t eaten yet, so dove in with enthusiasm, getting sauce from one ear to another (really). Several napkins are necessary, or just wait till you’re done. And make sure you get it all, otherwise you’ll end up like me and walk out with a big goober of sauce down your chin. Real hot look.

The burger is massive, and I could just get my mouth around it. But when you do, it’s incredible. You get a swirl of flavours, from the spices in the perfectly cooked juicy meat, to the brie bringing strength to the mushroom flavours. The bun it’s served on is fresh and fluffy, and good good good. As for the chips, spectacular. Every single one I had was crispy, and you know it’s exceptional when you don’t need sauce with them.

I had walked into Gourmet on Wray famished, but by the time I left, my stomach was incredibly content. For me, who only comes down a handful of times a year, this burger place makes it definitely worth it.

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