Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, Subiaco

We were enticed to try Crust after seeing their menu- Wild Mushroom, Mediterranean Lamb, Five Spice Pork Belly… How could we resist?


And so we jumped online to order, only to find more pros. First, they have gluten free bases. Second, for a short time, if you sign up (free) online for VIPP (Very Important Pizza Person), and order a large or deep dish, you get free pizza pockets in your choice of BBQ or vegetarian and free delivery. Joy!

So we clicked for delivery… only to find out they don’t deliver to Claremont. We even called to make sure this was actually correct. If you’re in Floreat, Wembley, Glendalough, West Perth, Kings Park, Daglish, Shenton Park, Jolimont or West Leederville, you’re in luck. But not Nedlands or Claremont.

So we clicked for pick up and completed our order and headed over… only to find they were having technical glitches and the order hadn’t gone through. Eep! So they put through the order again and we waited another 15 minutes, while my already hungry belly started to growl for food.


Finally they were done and we whisked them home. First was the large Peppercorn Wagyu pizza. This consisted of 4+ marble score Wagyu beef, asparagus spears, caramelised onions and toasted pine nuts, with a peppercorn sauce. It was really good, except the sauce tasted like (or was) satay sauce, and didn’t quite work with the pizza, so was scraped off.

Next was the Chicago Deep Dish Italian Sausage pizza. This high walled pizza was filled with Italian Sausage, strips of bacon, crushed garlic, roasted capsicum, cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives, fresh basil all on a tomato base. For the record, it looks nothing like the gorgeous photo on their website, by a long run. Online it looks full and puffy, real life you peer down to the very base to see the pizza. We were also curious on how it was going to be cut. The answer? They didn’t. While certainly unique, it took us a while to chisel away at the crust. And once hacked away, you end up folding the crust back onto the pizza to keep it all together. The taste was fantastic, but the shape and lack of pre-cutting made it a real tester.


The BBQ pizza pockets were nice and neat (literally). They contained ground beef, chicken and onions in BBQ sauce, and came with a side of Mediterranean Aoli (yum!)

Their menu is making me want to go back, with Roast Potato & Pumpkin and Mexican as my next choices. As an overall this place has great variety and fresh ingredients. With just a few tweaks to their online ordering, extension of delivery places or even more store locations, this place is bound to be one of the better pizza places in Perth.


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  1. jo says

    ooo potato and pumpkin! sounds really yum! I love potatoes!!! must be really soft and asatisfying pizza :D yuuuummmmmm

  2. alaturka Cuisine says

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