Atomic, Claremont

Tonight’s review is short and sweet. After planning to catch up with a girlfriend at Koko Black (my second attempt) on Saturday, and coming face to face with a nice lineup, we decided to mosey on over to Atomic.

Atomic, was almost as busy at the time, but fortunately we found a seat. The place is nice, open with plenty of light, and lots of seating.

Here I found my favourite place to have hot chocolate. While Kate ordered a long black, I tried the Marble Hot Chocolate (white and milk are also available). See that image? That is beautiful froth, my favourite part of the drink with seriously good chocolate shavings. The drink wasn’t too watered down and not too rich- just right, with two marshmallows on the side. It made my day.

And with that I leave you to ogle the pretty hot chocolate while I plan my next visit there :)



Update: August 30th 2011


A hearty breakfast of huge baked beans (although these were slightly dry), toast, egg and chorizo.


Two slices of fresh crispy ciabatta toast and butter.

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  1. Mei @ Libertine Eats says

    The hot chocolate looks gorgeous! If only cafes carried lactose free milk! Until then I will have to vicariously live through your photos. :)

  2. Bryt says

    oooh, I feel for you! I went through a period a couple of years ago where we thought I was lactose intolerant. Was a nightmare :S
    Are there many cafes/restaurants in Perth that have lactose free drinks and meals or is it pretty hard to find places still?

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