On The Terrace, Claremont

Toblerone cocktail

The Toblerone cocktail is what I came for- creamy, chocolatey, alcoholic (the drink, not me). Don’t try to figure out the calories in one, just indulge in decadence.
But what started as a ‘let’s go out for a quiet drink’, somehow ended up as a light meal out. That’s what a good food place does to you.


Passionfruit mojito

The passionfruit mojito is fantastic… so long as you only order it when the male bartender is working.We found this out the next time we came, had it mixed by a female bartender and had a horrible version! A passionfruit mojito is just that, a mojito with passionfruit puree mixed in on top. So if it’s not tasting like a mojito? It ain’t a mojito you have…

Lamb Kofta (Spicy with a sweet tomato chutney and Riata)Succulent meat and a perfect balance of spices.

Braised Beef Cheeks (Slow braised with garlic and baby carrots)The meat fell apart beautifully, picking up the flavours of the chilli and spices mixed in with the mashed potato. The ‘baby carrots’ is actually just one, split in two, though. Pretty, but don’t add the ‘s’ if there’s just 1!

Blood Orange Margarita

On another night out (a Saturday), we settled in to listen to the jazz singer croon songs such as ‘Walking in Memphis’ while we tried out the main dinner menu. They’re good when your conversations slow and you stop to listen to the tunes.

Along with the terrible passionfruit mojito, we tried the Blood Orange Margarita. Refreshingly fruity (it has Grand Marnier in), it went down well.


Lamb Cutlets (Gremolata crusted lamb cutlets with a garlic mash, green beans and red wine jus)


Spaghetti ( Blue manna crab, fresh tomato, chilli, garlic and evoo)

There are two things I love most when ordering out- spare ribs and seafood marinara. That night, the blue manna crab in this spaghetti grabbed my fancy. While it was quite good, it also didn’t make me feel any need to polish off the bowl.

As an overall, On The Terrace is becoming a regular spot for us. Partially because of it’s classy yet relaxed atmosphere, partially because of it’s close proximity, and as for the food, it’s the tapas that keep bringing us back. They’ve gotten those down pat.

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  1. Bryt says

    yeah the first passionfruit mojito we had was sooo good. And I got hooked on the Toblerone in Bali. My cocktail of choice recently :D

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