Lemon Lane, Claremont


Chomping down on warm buttery slices of tasty rye toast with two decent soft poached eggs balanced on top, it’s a good way to start your Saturday morning. Their juice is fresh and a nice blend, and their chai lattes are, I’m assuming, the usual powder blend (you can’t go wrong with it). The service is as it should be, with staff greeting you and wishing you a good day when you head out.

However, my views on Lemon Lane haven’t always been to favourable and it’s taken a while for Lemon Lane to get into my good books. After all, once you’ve had just one bad experience, it taints your view of the place.

The first time I visited was when it had just opened, back in 2007-2008. I was excited, just by the design of the place, its lane location and it’s cute little logo. We were asked to take a seat, that someone would come take our order… and left to wait 20 minutes regardless of it being a less-than-busy small sized cafe. 10 minutes in I had asked again, and was told again, someone would come take our order in a minute. 20 minutes and enough’s enough. I’m not one for barking at staff and causing a scene, so we finally walked out disappointed.
So far that’s been my only experience of walking out of a cafe or restaurant, and I hope it’s my last.
Fortunately, after a speckling of visits over the years, I’ve noticed things have changed since that first visit. You now order from the counter and they finally seem to be on the road to getting it right.


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