The House of Honey & The Sticky Spoon Cafe


The one stop shop for my honey buying treats for Easter, The House of Honey is filled with cute to delicious choices. For kids you can buy bee umbrellas or rain boots, hand creams for the women in you family, or sample The House of Honey’s wide range of honeys and honey products. Marinate your pork ribs with their chilli honey, drizzle warmed hazelnut honey over your ice cream or slather vanilla honey over your toast.

The product that intrigued me was their Sparkling Honey Water.
“Sparkling Honey Water is made from premium honey with no added sugar. This honey base drink is combined with natural Australian fruit flavours and sparkling carbonated water, resulting in a ‘not too sweet’ delightfully refreshing drink, with just the right amount of Sparkle! Just like Honey Lemonade” – House of Honey website

Either way it’s a nice summery/spring drink, served chilled in small amounts.

And once you’ve peeled yourself away from their shop, you can order from a large range of their teas, coffees and a selection of treats. Eat them outside in the garden under the warm sun or tuck yourselves into a corner inside with a magazine.
Their teas had a freshness to them, but I prefer my black tea, when loaded with milk and sugar, to not taste like herbal grass tea.
Their gluten free raspberry friands, however, are worth trying, with their warm, moist freshness and a slight crispness around the edges. They’ll make you want to go back for seconds and try them in blueberry or pear and pecan flavours.

They’re open Tuesday to Sunday 10:00am- 5:00pm
Located at 867 Great Northern Hwy, Herne Hill, WA (Swan Valley)


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  1. Tenina says

    Hey Bryton, this sounds like a definite on my travels…we have a bee hive and love all things honey! Did not know about this place. Thanks :)

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